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REVS is a full service veterinary practice offering general and emergency medicine to the Dufferin, Wellington and King-Caledon areas. Dr. Bri is a specialist in sports medicine and injury rehabilitation offering poor performance and rehabilitation consults across Southern Ontario. From Pony Club to the podium and from conception to retirement, we've got you covered. 
Sports Medicine and Poor Performance Investigation 

    We often hear from clients that "something just isn't right, but they don't seem lame" or "he just doesn't have the same GO! that he had last year". Reduced or poor performance can have many causes from lameness to respiratory issues to nutrition. 

   REVS brings a team approach to the problem where riders/ trainers/vets/farriers and body workers can all contribute to ensuring the whole horse is assessed and an accurate diagnosis made. 

    In addition to poor performance investigations, we also provide comprehensive pre-purchase examinations, neurological assessments, laminitis diagnosis and management as well as exercise testing for sport horses and race horses. 

Regenerative Medicine and Injury Rehabilitation 

   Managing sport horses doesn't stop at diagnosis of an injury. The long road of rehabilitation is often the most important part. Our ability to manage injuries with biologics (stem cells, PRP, Prostride), laser, shockwave, therapeutic shoeing and a custom rehabilitation program lend to our high success rates at getting you and your team mate back on top of your game.

     For clients that have shipped long distances for an assessment, we offer telemedicine video rechecks to reduce travel time and stress on your horse. 

Dentistry and Nutrition

     Dental health and gut health are often over looked as causes of reduced or poor performance in our horses. Routine oral exams with equilibration (power float) are important to the health of all horses and should be scheduled every 8-12 months. Digital radiography, endoscopy and gastroscopy are a few of the tools that help us manage dental and GIT problems when they crop up.  

     With all of the nutritional options and supplements available, owners can be left uncertain of the best choices for their horse. Nutritional consults, glucose absorption tests, abdominal ultrasound and laboratory diagnostics can help us identify and manage conditions like IBD (inflamed bowel disease), hind gut ulceration and stomach ulcers. 

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